High Quality Reproduction Vinyl Decals
  • Gen 2 (1979-1984) Subaru Wagon US Ski Team Graphics


    I scanned and duplicated these graphics for a set of new old stock decals from Subaru. They have NOT been reproduced the exact same way though. Instead of getting every piece individually, the main stripe will be all one piece with cutouts for the emblem, door handles and gas door.

    They are printed on high-quality 3M IJ180 air release vinyl with an outdoor UV protective laminate. Then the decals will have a low tac transfer tape for installation.  

    You'll get 2 options for the lower stripe: Option 1. Blue Stripe With Text "SUBARU AN AMERICAN COMPANY" & Option 2: Black Stripe With Text: "SUBARU 4WD SUBARU" (see images for options look)